Demographic data

The system uses the latest STATS SA demographic data such as Age, Gender and Population groups.

SmartMapping can assist with:

- Geo-mapping your current network
- Geo-mapping competitor locations
- Geo-mapping various service providers

The system provides an easy accessible online platform that can be used by head office, regional managers and individual branches to track key performance indicators.

Map statistics

Map statistic neatly summarises the competitor activity in and around your network by your chosen radius.

What will your searches include?

With a few selections and a click of a button you will see a representation of:

  • Competitor locations
  • Current network
  • Map statistics
  • Demographic data
  • Visual radius

Dealership Network Analysis

Used to review from time to time whether the size of your network and locations of your dealerships are still a good fit for your current needs and the current market environment. Learn more →

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